For those of you that remember (not likely but anyway) I am working on
some code that splits CLF records and feeds them into a database.

What I need to do now is automate it.

So what I have is a program (urlsnarf) that redirects its output
(simple "cmd > file.txt") to a file. The script currently processes
this output line by line and does the SQL foo - i.e. script.php

Should I:

1) do away with redirecting the output from urlsnarf to a file and
have the script run the process and have some kind of handle on it;
foreach kinda thing?
2) keep outputting the info to a persistent file, reading any new
appends and periodically cull this file. Seems like a waste of I/O if
#1 is possible.
3) other options?

Any help/push in the right direction is appreciated.


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