From: Noel Butler

> On Fri, 2009-08-28 at 08:33 -0400, Bob McConnell wrote:
>       Forging IP addresses is actually quite simple. VMs do it all the
>       when bridged to the real NIC. There are also some projects on
>       Forge designed to load test HTTP servers that do similar things.
I have
>       an application I wrote for testing that can emulate an entire
class B
>       subnet full of computers. All it takes is a little digging
around on
>       Google, a FreeBSD system installed in a VM and a little
knowledge of the
>       local network topology. In my case I have several blocks of
>       allocated by the local administrator for this test bed.
> sorry if this explodes your bubble, but you dont need freebsd to do it

Yes, I know. I only mentioned FreeBSD because I have actually used it.
It was already available in a VM because I was playing with DummyNet for
another test bed project. But I haven't tried similar tasks on Linux

Bob McConnell

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