Paul M Foster wrote:
I'm sorry, but is anyone else annoyed by people who attempt to use IRC
jargon on mailing lists? For example, substituting "u" for "you". Oddly
enough, I'm seeing this primarily in foreign language posters, not in
native English speakers. It's often accompanied by English so broken I
don't even bother trying to decypher it, and sometimes an *attitude*
(after which, I blacklist the poster).

Actually, it isn't jargon, maybe degenerated (this is english word ?) dialect of english. Some years earlier, I took the habit to use these shortcuts (10x, u, eg, etc). Because I learned your langage throught the Internet. It's why this few sentences are so broken.

If people don't care about their writing, banish them from your life. I do the same with french. But if you cross someone like me, who juste would learn better way to speack, please accept our apologies ;)

Mickaƫl Wolff aka Lupus Michaelis

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