Guys and gals (particularly those of you interested in the trends
and metrics of PHP), here's a forwarded copy of an email I just fired
off to the mirrors around the world after completion of the first of
three phases of an upgrade operation.  Where does your server stand?
What about your development box(es)?  Please share your thoughts with
the class.  ;-P

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Daniel Brown <danbrown AT php DOT net>
Date: Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 14:05
Subject: Current PHP Global Network Statistics
To: PHP Mirrors List <php-mirrors AT lists DOT php DOT net>


   As you may now already know, after completing the first phase of
the upgrade operation, all mirrors are running PHP5.  Here is a
breakdown of all versions, as well as some other statistics you may
find interesting.


       Total Mirrors, World-Wide:        118
       % of Mirrors with SQLite:          65.3%
       % of Mirrors with Stats:            37.3%
       % of Mirrors Running PHP5:     100.0%

   By version:

       5.0.3: 1
       5.0.4: 1
       5.1.1: 1
       5.1.2: 2
       5.1.6: 20
       5.2.0: 8
       5.2.1: 3
       5.2.3: 2
       5.2.4: 7
       5.2.5: 2
       5.2.6: 17
       5.2.8: 12
       5.2.9: 23
       5.2.10: 12
       5.3.0: 6
       5.3.1: 1

   Subject to deletion in Phase II: 5
   Running development versions: 1

   Content Age Sampling:

       Oldest Mirror:                 963096 Seconds (NOTE: Disabled,
Pending Delete)
       Youngest Mirrors:           98 Seconds
       Most Common Ages:      1891 Seconds, 3699 Seconds
       Total Average Age:          26160.2 Seconds (7 Hours, 16 Minutes)
       Adjusted Average Age:    18083.2 Seconds (5 Hours, 1 Minute)
           [NOTE: Adjustment removes disabled mirror from calculation.]

   Thanks again, as always, for everyone's hard work and dedication.
We're looking forward to working with all of you for a long time to

</Daniel P. Brown> || ||
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