As a matter of fact... For a while I was using a barcode generator to test out inventory system before getting them professionally made. I personally chose to go with Interleaved 2 of 5 as our barcode scanner was able to read them accurately and it was the same format as our campus ID cards. The trick with this is that it only supports numbers. Code128 has three different encoding tables, table B which is most commonly used, includes the characters 0-9, A-Z, a-z and a handful of symbols which I don't remember of the top of my head.

I used a class someone else made which can be found here:

The code itself is quite ugly but as it was only needed temporarily it worked. It might be a good starting point for you though.

aveev wrote:
Hi, I'm new to using barcode....
I want to create an online registration in my application, where the user
can fill in the form and the application will create a pdf file of the form
with the barcode inserted on it. The user then brings the printed form to us
and we scan the barcode. After scanning the barcode and verifying the user
data, we will proceed to decide whether his/her application is approved or
I'm using fpdf to create the pdf file and for the barcode, I'm still looking
for suitable solution.
I don't know what type of barcode I should use for this purpose (I've
browsed internet and found out many types of barcodes..e.g 39, 93, ean-13,
c128, etc).
Has anyone used php and barcode generator with their application ??


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