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> Subject: [PHP] Include Files in HTML
>     In my readings, I've run across examples showing include files being 
> called 
> from within the tags, and other examples showing them called 
> within .  I've always put them in the header section myself, but I 
> was wondering if one is better than the other, or is it just personal 
> preference?
> Frank
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Depends on your application design and/or your desired result.  If you design 
your application to do all processing before output is sent starting with 
<html>, then all your includes goes before <html>.  If you want to have the 
modular approach of including css & js files inside the <head> element, you 
don't have to worry about going back to changing every single output file when 
you decide the change your layout or javascript framework.  It also makes your 
code page a bit cleaner when you do use include in the <head>.  If you want to 
make use of chunked encoding, you can including the rest within the <body>.

Thus, include everything before <html> gives you a slight pause 'waiting for 
reply...' in the status bar before the client even begin to download anything.  
When includes are scattered all over, server processes some sends the web 
browser info, here go fetch some more (css, js, images) until the the last 
buffered output is sent </html>  (that is if your page is compliant ;)


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