What are the requirements?  Can you allow JS code?  Meta refresh tags?

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Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 2:22 PM
Subject: [PHP] url without a query string?

the problem

i have a page that uses a query string to determine content.  ie index.php?id=2  in 
this page there is a link
to a memebership area that uses a remote service.  this service requires that thee be 
the exact same refering
url.  is the refering url must always be index.php.  how can i do this?  can i do this?

Thank You,

Jon Yaggie

And they were singing . . .

'100 little bugs in the code
100 bugs in the code
fix one bug, compile it again
101 little bugs in the code

101 little bugs in the code . . .'

And it continued until they reached 0

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