> My solution was to add a table to my database, and add an insert job id
> into the table after the line that is causing the problem. When I submit the
> script I use setTimeout to run an AJAX query of the table 5 seconds later.
> If the line has failed the job id will not be in the table and I alert the
> user. It works - and some day I hope to fix the software problem and make
> this unnecessary.

Thanks for the update -- that's about how I would have approached it too.

I wonder, in general, if fixing the underlying problem is even practical or
worth the investment of time. IIRC the problem was in third-party code --
and it seems to me that making your own code robust enough to handle
failures in third-party libraries (as you just did) is a really fruitful use
of your time; fixing the library itself, maybe not so much. I guess it
depends on how it all affects your end users.


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