Usually, when I have to redirect the user AFTER headers has been sent (like showing an error message), I write this:


But this will redirect the user at once. If you want the user to read the page, you should do something in Javascript with setTimeout(func,timeout) function.


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Hi Blueman. As soon as ANYTHING has been drawn to the browser, you cannot use a header command. So you need to work through all of your code, and ensure that all of your logic that could result in a header call is run BEFORE you send any html code. Is going to be tricky if mixing html and php calls.


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I recentrly uploaded my project from localhost to a hosting and found many errors and warnings which didnt have in local. one of the most annoying one is header('Location xxx'). I have used header to redirect users from pages, and kinda used it alot. i know about the whitespace causing warning, but most of the pages i'm sending users got html and php mixed so i'm confused about how to remove whitespace in a html/php file. the error is :
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent  by ....
here is a simple example, user update page :
                       header("Location: /admin/index.php?msg=$msg");

                       foreach($errors as $val)
                          echo '<p id="error">'.$val.'</p>';

and on admin index i get $msg and display it.
//lots of stuff
                 $msg = $_GET['msg'];
                         case '111'       echo '<p> </p>';
                        case '421':...
//  more html and php

how can i fix this?

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