Waynn Lue wrote:
Hello all,

We're building out a system that allows for user account creation/password
management, and we're hoping to use existing open source software so we
don't have to reinvent the wheel.  I know of Drupal, and Zend Framework (and
maybe CodeIgniter?), but do people have specific preferences for either, and
recommendations for other products that I haven't heard of?  It should just
support basic account creation, being able to login/authenticate, change
your password, storing user information like names and email addresses, etc.

I tried searching for "account management php" but ended up getting a lot of
CMS suites.

That is because this is a - how long is a piece of string type question ;)

PEAR has the AUTH package which is supposed to provide authentication, but still needs a certain amount of 'wrapping' to make it usable.

The question has to be 'What are you wanting to secure?'

Personally I'm using bitweaver - which is a CMS system, but I have my own modules added to it to provide the functions I want, while bitweaver itself provides user management, content editing with full history in various wiki or html formats, mime handling and all the other generic bits. You just add the bits you want, or pinch a module and adjust it to your own purposes - without needing to worry about the core functions :)

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