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Andres Gonzalez <and...@packetstorm.com> wrote:

> In the php configurations directories /etc/php5, there are 2 
> subdirectories, one for
> cgi and one for cli.  There is a php.ini file in each of these
> directories.
> What would cause a difference of behavior in these 2 environments
> with the php.ini
> exactly the same in each directory??
> I have a command line script that consequently uses the cli version. 
> This script works
> just fine in that it can access API function in modules that are
> loaded via cli/php.ini
> However, when executing in the cgi environment, I get a "call to 
> undefined function" error
> even though my 2 php.ini files are exactly the same.
> Any idea what is causing this?
> thanks,
> -Andres

Hi Andres,

When asking this kind of question, it would be very helpful if you
would tell us *which* function raised this error.

My first thought is that you tried to call a function which was
compiled in to the CLI version but not the CGI. What does phpinfo()
show when run under each?


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