To start with I am not a recruiter just looking for talented PHP
developers to join my team.

Secondly I am trying to understand why you (Daevid) think that it is
acceptable to try and tarnish the name of my company when you don't even
know us or the work that we produce. One wonders why, if you are so
disinterested in working with us, you bothered to reply at all. As
you've already made up your mind that Cyber-Duck is not a great company
to work for this seems to be an awfully large waste of your time. 

I'm not going to spend hours going into the finer details of our
business strategy with someone whose sole purpose in answering my
initial email is to defame both myself and the company I work for.
Cyber-Duck has an exemplary track record, backed up by a host of digital
media awards and satisfied clients, none of whom have ever been put off
by the name of the company or the highly proficient flash animations on
our website. 

Thanks for the advice on buzzwords- obviously all non net-savvy
potential clients want to spend hours trying to digest page after page
of what, to them, are incomprehensible pseudonyms and abbreviations. 

Jealousy is an unattractive quality Daevid. 

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Cc: Jerome Botbol

I'm not trolling, but I am really curious who and why someone thought
"Cyber-Duck" was a good name (and theme) to use?!? Seriously? 

Personally, I wouldn't work for a company with such a silly name. Is
some hidden meaning or is this a personal joke between the founders? I
really am curious. is even silly with animated duck-people. 

And I think you need to use more buzzwords and acronyms here "We produce
brands and award winning user centered websites with superior web 2.0
technologies. We conduct online marketing to drive traffic and generate
conversions." and "Cyber-Duck's ethos is that every interaction should
a meaningful purpose. For our clients this means that we focus on
tangible results that are meaningful for businesses. For website users
means that we focus on generating a positive experience that will entice
them to buy your product, sign up to your newsletter, comment on your
or distribute your video to their contacts." Perhaps this page will

Also, why do you have ( :
        1 director
        3 managers
        3 designers
        1 programmer <-- ONE?!? Sounds like a lot of chiefs and not

OMFG! They all use duck caricatures. If the name wasn't a deterrent,
thought alone would be. I will concede that the History duck -> manduck
clever. :-)


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> From: Jerome Botbol [] 
> Sent: Monday, September 14, 2009 10:38 AM
> To:
> Hi All,
> Cyber-Duck are looking for a highly motivated PHP / CSS Guru 
> to join our blah blah blah...

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