Hi All,
Not sure of the best approach, need your feedback. I have 4 images on a
website. These are used in navigation. When I load a reference webpage on my
local machine the local page calls 4 images from an external website, each
image will be on a different domain.

What I want to see is if the navigation images/buttons can be loaded/displayed
in my browser. If they can, then I will display the images on my local page.
If the images cannot be loaded, then this indicates some connection issue and
the result will be some text like 'Site Offline'. So just by glancing at my
local machine reference page I can tell if one or more of the different sites
is or is not available.

So what is the best function to use?

if ( @file_get_contents( DOMAIN_PATH . "images/navigation/nav_globalissa.png" 

or ???

Please also cc i...@globalissa.com

Thanks for any helpful suggestions.


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