> In a lot of the work I do these days I have to support IE6 because it's 
> the defacto browser in various government departments. It'll be sometime 
> before it is completely ousted.

Rob, same is for me, I have to deal with this "browser" all problems it has 
every single day, 'cause financial companies would like to have the last 
fashion web based application ignoring they are using the worse case scenario 

We tried to drop IE6 support for at least version 7 when 8 became official ... 
and you know what? Absolutely nothing changed, it's like to deal with Windows 
Millennium when you are trying to develop an anti virus with firewall ... a 
massive waste of time. Fortunately these company still have money to pay extra 
hours and effotr for IE6 ... so I do my job, and that's it.


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