I was simply looking for a way to easily develop re-usable components. I
know that functions can be used in php, however, the custom tag (xml type)
syntax is more clean and easy to view. I may try using xml with functions to
get what I desire.

I don't think custom tags will go away with functions. They exist in jsp
also and are good to use. In fact at Java One there was a push towards
removing all java code from the jsp. Simply use custom tags. This allows you
to divide your development team into java guru's and web guru's. The web
developers would not need to know all of the java code. They would simply
need a listing of the custom tags. This becomes handy if you have people
that are inexperienced in Java. You can give them a small pocket reference
of the tags you use in the jsp's rather than a 1-2 inch book on Java.

As for the C approach...I may try that also. I'll have to dust off my
Ritchie book.

Thanks for the help,

"Michael Kimsal" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> dc wrote:
> >I was curious if there was any custom tag support like jsp or cold fusion
> >php (or outside libraries). I'm looking at trying to make re-usuable
> >components and want to use something more than including simple classes
> >function calls.
> >
> >Thanks for your time,
> >
> If you know C, then yes.  You can write your own C libraries to be
> compiled in to PHP to give
> you new 'built in' functions.  Personally, I'm not good enough with C to
> do that, and am not sure that you'd
> get enough of a speed boost to justify it.  Probably in some cases you
> would, but is that the reason (speed?)
> you're asking?
> I wonder how many CF people will be writing custom tags still now that
> CF5 finally allows user-defined functions.;
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