PHP List,

I posted this question on the TCPDF forum on SourceForge, but it's
getting no response. I'm not even sure how active their list is.

So I'm hoping someone here might be able to help if they are using
TCPDF. I just need to get the key details to get started, and then I can
probably start to roll on my own.

This is the question:

Forgive me for what I would assume is a very obvious question, but I can
not locate any clear instructions on what I want to do.

Simply, I want to take an existing PDF and write text on top of it.

The PDF is a single page, and it is a form that people fill out. What I
need to do is fill out some of the fields in the form before sending it
to the recipient.

So I need to do two simple tasks. One is to load an existing PDF file.
The second is to place short lines of text into specific locations on
the page (A4 size).

I know these two functions must be dead simple, and yet I am lost in the

If someone could tell me the right function calls or point me to the
right place so that I can RTFM on my own, I would be very grateful.

Thank you for any advice.

Dave M G

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