Your code does not make sense (to me anyway).

It flags an error because you are sending HTML before the header command. Don't 
bother looking for whitespace etc...the <html><head><title> etc is more than 
enough to produce this error.

Using "Location" redirects to another URL. It does not make sense to redirect 
in the middle of a page.

I think instead of header, you meant to use "include" or "require" (same thing.)

Is your intention to "include" the file "advertise2.php" in the body section? 
If so, get rid of the header line, and use this :
<?php include(""); ?>

Good luck with it!

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  <title>Contact Us</title> 



  <?php header("Location: advertise2.php"); ?>



  The above is just snippet of the code but even this simple example throws the 
Header Warning / Error.


  Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output 
started at /home/content/g/t/a /html/yourestate/advertise.php:6) 
in/home/content/g/t/a /html/yourestate/advertise.php on line 6


  The anwser may be simple but I have looked a blanks or spaces around the 
<?php ?> with no success.

  Ready need your help.



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