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> Hello List,
> I'm relatively new to PHP although I do feel I've got a grasp of the
> basics. I have used php to draw up numerous selection lists populated
> from a mysql database and have had no trouble at all.
> However when it comes to the same concept yet using HTML check boxes I
> aM complety stumped. It seems easy but I've been staring at the same
> problem for hours.
> Any hints are greatly appreciated.

I don't know what type of field you're trying to use to populate the
checkbox, but it basically comes down to this:

<input type="checkbox" name="pizza" <?php if ($fieldval == 'something')
echo 'checked="checked"'; ?>/>


<input type="checkbox" name="pizza" <?php echo ($fieldval == 'something)
? 'check="checked"' : ''; ?>/>

You've got to decide what is "checked" and "unchecked" for your
checkbox, and then make that a condition which triggers a "checked" or
"unchecked" state for the box. If you like, you can also put a
value="something" attribute in the input tag as well.

When your user is finished inputting the form and you go to process the
results, you can check for the existence of the checkbox name in the
$_POST variable, or check that the $_POST variable contains the value
you set in the value="something" attribute.

Checkboxes and radio buttons are tricky in this way, because they don't
normally return values in the same way an <input type="text" ...> field


Paul M. Foster

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