Hi Haig,

it would be better if u tell us what purpose u want to solf with this
approuch. Its hard to understand for a prov why u want to create a filename
.php files are scrips containing functions or classes, called/instantinated
with parameters.
why the hell u want to create a filename with these parameters? does this
file excist?
you can create 'dynamic code' in php, but u would never write it to a file!

understand that that question is wierd and appears that ur concept is wild
and realy sick.


"Haig Davis" <level...@gmail.com> wrote in message
> Good Afternoon All,
> Thanks for the help with the checkbox issue the other day.
> Todays question: I want to create a filename.php from a variable more
> specifically the results if a mySQL query I.e. userID + orderNumber =
> filename. Is this possible? 'cause I've tried every option I can think
> of and am not winng.
> Thanks a ton
> Haig
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