> I have updated a php to version 5.2.11.
you should update the keyboard as well, it fires CTRL+V twice (subject, and I 
am joking ..)

> When I run the following script:
> <?php
> print date('d M Y, H:i');
> ?>
> It's returns a correct time.

correct accordingly with your local time zone, 'cause I am pretty much sure 
that if you do
print *gmdate*('d M Y, H:i');
the time will be exactly the same reported in the log file.

You would have known this if you were developing with E_STRICT since date is a 
warning, even in the phpinfo, if you do not set it correctly.

It's a good idea in any case, for obvious portability reasons across websites, 
countries, and hosts, to use gmdate for time operations, otherwise if I use 
date I could have stuff from the future in another host, and stuff from past in 
another one.


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