On Mon, 2009-09-21 at 14:42 -0400, Al wrote:
> What's the simplest way to test if a link is valid?
> I've got a script that throughly checks the dns, etc. But, I'd also like to 
> check to see if the user has inputted a valid link to a webpage.
> File_exists() and etc. seem to have a lot of caveats.
> E.g., foo.com/bar/file.txt
> Most things I've looked at are gross overkill.
> Al........

Several ways that I can think of:

      * use the file_get_contents() which like you said, could be
      * shell out to wget to retrieve just the headers for the path.
        You'd be looking for a 200 return code, which indicates the URI
      * lastly, you could use fopen() to open the file, and use the
        return from the fopen() call to indicate a success of failure


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