Ashley Sheridan wrote:
On Mon, 2009-09-21 at 22:50 -0700, chamba kasonde wrote:
I am a new user of this feature and tool and would like to transfer data and 
info to and from Windows Xp in the Virtualbox running on a Linux Ubuntu 
My first version of Virtualbox was 2._ _ _ which said it did not support that 
Therefore, I upgraded to 3._ _ _ which supports it but the flash does not show 
nor appear in the XP window.
How do I get to use my flash on both parallel running systems?

Totally the wrong list for that sort of question. It's not even remotely
related to PHP...

You want to skip the OSE version and get the version that has USB support built in. The open source edition does not have USB support due to licensing (or somesuch) issues.

Alternatively you can set up a shared folder so that a folder on your Ubuntu host can be mapped to a drive in the Windows XP guest. The latter is more convenient for sharing your uh.. PHP data amongst multiple guests.

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