Todd Dunning wrote:
Rob it's LAMP php5. Godaddy virtual dedicated. I'm considering if I should just bite the bullet and attempt to build my first SQL db tonight, because there's plenty of info about doing the basics via sql. I have phpMyAdmin and cPanel. It's a classic noob issue of whether to spend extra time doing it the right way or not.

Thanks very much for your interest in helping.

The following will do it without a database:


$file = 'your-file.csv';

$keywords = 'keyword1 keyword2 ...';
$keywords = preg_split( '# +#', $keywords );

$clauses = array();
foreach( $keywords as $keyword )
    if( ($keyword = trim( (string)$keyword )) === '' )

    $keyword = escapeShellArg( $keyword );
    $clauses[] = "grep -s -i -F $keyword";

$matches = '';
if( $clauses )
    $file = escapeShellArg( $file );

    $command = "cat $file | ".implode( " | ", $clauses );

    $matches = `$command`;

echo $matches."\n";


You still need to parse your feed afterwards which I presumed was a CSV or tab delimited style file WITHOUT newlines.

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