Thanks Manuel I will check it out. Thanks.


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on 09/28/2009 05:30 PM Angelo Zanetti said the following:
> Hi all, 
> I have been looking to implement a WYSIWYG editor that will automatically
> transform a <textarea> into a Rich text area / WYSIWYG. We have lots of
> dynamic content that is pulled from a database and files. Therefore we
> really change the <textarea> field.
> I have tried the tinyMCE but its causing conflicts with some existing JS
> code that cant really be rewritten.
> A lot of other editors actually generate the rich text area in a strange
> and don't use the <textarea> field at all.
> Are there any editors that you people will know of that operate in a
> way to tinyMCE, IE you include the JS in your head and it will change all
> the textarea fields to rich text areas?

Coincidentaly I have just written about a new HTML editor precisely with
that focus. You may want to take a look at this article.

The editor was meant to be integrated as a plug-in of tha forms
generation and validation class, but it may was as standalone. That is
explained in the article.


Manuel Lemos

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