Paul M Foster wrote:
I'm sure this has been covered before, but I'm not even sure how to
search in the archives for it.

I have a form that collects certain info via POST. It is re-entrant, so
when the user hits the "submit" button, it checks the input and does
whatever sanity checks it needs to. If all is okay, it must now pass
some of that info to another URL (offsite) via POST. Normally, the
information would be passed via a series of GET variables or SESSION
variables. But in this case the site the user is being directed to must
receive the information via POST.

I'm not sure how to do this. Please no exotic external libraries my
shared hosting provider doesn't include. RTFM will be fine; just tell me
which Fine Manual to Read.


Answering in general to a lot of the above responses.

You don't need to care if the 'foreign' host supports fsockopen or curl,
only if your form hosting host does. (Boy that looks more confusing in re-read than it felt writing it ;D ... )

To the foreign redirect target, both curl and fsockopen are supposed to look like a browser hitting the site.

So if your site allows curl or fsockopen, then you're golden.


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