Hello.  I have configured my RHEL5 Apache system with SSL.  I verified that
SSL was installed correctly and accessing the site via SSL works as

The problem I am having is my PHP code is pulling the
$_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] variable and this is coming back as 80 rather than

Here is my <VIRTUALHOST> code within HTTPD.CONF

<VirtualHost *:443>

ServerAdmin first.n...@xyz.com

DocumentRoot /var/www/html/redcap

ServerName name.url.edu

ErrorLog logs/<filename>

CustomLog logs/<filename>

I can get 443 to be returned from _SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] if I edit the 3rd
line above to :

ServerName name.url.edu:443

But, if I do this, it messes a few other things up internal to the site.

Does anyone have an idea why _SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] is returning 80 rather
than 443?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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