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On Oct 1, 2009, at 5:02 PM, Ben Dunlap wrote:

You could tackle this in a couple of different ways. Either split your
string into an array first:

$line = fgets($handle);
$columns = explode(",", trim($line));

Thanks Ben - the explode() command worked great!

Use the tool that PHP provides for such problems.



Now a bit of another problem

I'm exporting from another database (mac) to a csv file then a quick import to excel 2004 (mac) for some cleaning...

before the excel import, some date fields look like "2009-9-29 11:21:37" = good for sql import

but excel does an auto reformat to

9/29/2009  11:21:37 AM = not good for sql import

Q: any way to turn this auto reformat off in excel and keep it the way I had it? (I saw nothing in pref's)

try using strtotime() on that field and see if it works.


I'm pretty sure that function will handle it.


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