Then still a JavaScript:

Find a code that loads or submits the page (passing a var) when
selecting/clicking on a country in the <select> list. Then using your
variable contains the country get the needed cities.

That is the only way to 'emulate' JS.
You could also provide an HTML text list of countries, and then under it the
list of cities, and so on and so on...

I would try to do it step-by-step:

You select your country first, then on the next page select your city and
then on the next page fill in the form. Page 2 and 3 can actually be
together if you wish. I kinda don't like JavaScript (except for intranet
sites, where usability is the must), too long code, too bad compatibility,
too easy to disallow...

Hope this helps,


 Maxim Maletsky
 Founder, Chief Developer (Where PHP Begins)

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From: Alexander Deruwe [mailto:aderuwe@mayhem]On Behalf Of Alexander
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To: Maxim Maletsky
Subject: Re: [PHP] HTML/PHP's static state problem.

Hello Maxim,

Basically I mean this: I load the page, it has two comboboxes (<select> with
The first one contains names of countries, the second names of cities within
When I select "Belgium" in the first one, I only want to see all Belgian

Now with JavaScript this wouldn't really be a problem, I guess, but I need
PHP for going
into my database.

Any ideas?

Alexander 'ad' Deruwe

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