Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
If you use APD or you think about the low level logic behind comparing string,
> num and bool you'll probably forget the "==" operator and you'll never miss > again the "===" one ... then you'll start to explicit cast everything, when > necessary, to have all your code truly under control, and that is the moment > you'll realize PHP is not for you 'cause you are forcing a typeless language > to be strict ... and then you'll start to develop via C, Python, Java, or C#,

PHP allows you to do either. If I find myself being more strict in no way does that mean I'll suddenly jump to another language. It just means I have a bit of code that requires a bit more strictness. Should I suddenly switch languages because when using the strpos() function I must use the === operator to check for existence of a substring? Utter silliness IMHO.

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