Hi All,

I have been working on a PHP extension for Apache Solr for quite sometime

I just finished testing it and I have completed the initial user level
documentation of the API

Version 0.9.0-beta has just been released.

It already has built-in readiness for Solr 1.4

If you are using Apache Solr 1.3 or later in PHP, I would appreciate if you
could check it out and give me some feedback.

Thanks in advance.

It is very easy to install on UNIX systems. I am still working on the build
for windows. It should be available for Windows soon.


A quick list of some of the features of the API include :
- Built in serialization of Solr Parameter objects.
- Reuse of HTTP connections across repeated requests.
- Ability to obtain input documents for possible resubmission from query
- Simplified interface to access server response data (SolrObject)
- Ability to connect to Solr server instances secured behind HTTP
Authentication and proxy servers

The following components are also supported
- Facets
- MoreLikeThis
- TermsComponent
- Stats
- Highlighting

Solr PECL Extension Homepage

Some examples are available here

Interim Documentation Page until refresh of official PHP documentation

The C source is available here

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