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I've not had a look at DOMDocument myself, having only used DomDocument before (there's a slight difference in the capitalisation of the 2nd and 3rd letters which made it a pain in the proverbial to work with at first!) but I would assume that if it might offer a method by which you could specify certain self closing tags. This would be necessary at least internally, to differentiate between things like <param/> which can be self closing and <script> which can't (even though the latter might only be referencing an external .js file and have no inline code!)

saveXML() does self close a script tag with no children.
self closing script is only a problem if sent as html, it works when sent with application/xml+xhtml mime type. But you're right, saveHTML() does not do self closing nor </script>.

If not, then I'd do a file find on the code for any files containing the text 'param' for example, to see if that leads you to the right place.

I tried that on libxml2 source - grep -R "param" didn't work so well, a bazillion files with that use the phrase "param".

You may have problems doing this on a Windows XP system,

I'm on linux.
I'll find it eventually. Probably just before upstream does an official html5 patch ;)

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