AFAIK, you can create snaps from ActionScript, but you cannot save browser 
rendered plug-in content via PHP
It's more like canvas.toDataURL, it requires to be rendered, unless you don't 
have InDesign or something similar able to render internally and export as 


> Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 11:52:10 -0300
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> Subject: [PHP] SWF Manipulation with PHP
> Hi Folks!
> A very long time ago i spend a little bit of my time to find how i can load
> a swf file, load an specific frame of that SWF File and save this like a JPG
> or any other format.
> I try the "ming" but it can't load a external swf movie. You only can CREATE
> a swf. I try the libswf too but i not have a success.
> Anyone have ANY idea that works?
> Regards,
> Igor Escobar
> Systems Analyst & Interface Designer
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> + @igorescobar (twitter)
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