First, try running php.exe from the command line.  When you do that, it will
probably give you a message about not being able to find certain dll's it
needs.  I believe most, if not all, of the dlls you need are in your PHP
directory under a dll directory.  The best thing to do is to add this path
(PHP_DIRECTOR\dlls\) to the System path.  You may have to restart to get
this new entry to be recognized.  Once you do that, run php.exe on the
command line again and see if it still gives you errors.

Hope that helps,

Josh Hoover
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> I'm trying to load the php_gd.dll, but I get the same problem 
> with any of
> the extensions listed in php.ini.  The files are present, I have the
> directory set up in php.ini, but php won't work at all until 
> I comment out
> the extension line again.

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