on 10/05/2009 11:27 AM John Corry said the following:
> I've inherited a PHP application, first task of which was relocating to a
> new server.
> We've installed and configured all of the files on a dedicated linux server
> at 1 and 1 (using qmail as an MTA).
> Since the move, the client is complaining that *some* of the recipients of
> the HTML email that the server sends out to all of the users are receiving
> plain HTML code in their mail clients...not the nice, rendered, styled
> content they intend.
> It looks fine to me.
> I found one small error in the HTML that was sent and fixed it (there may be
> more)...
> But the client is telling me that this is a new problem as of the server
> move.
> Any suggestions which direction to look to try to resolve this?

You may want to take a look at this slide presentation. It is from a
talk precisely about issues that prevent messages from reaching the


Look in special at slide 19, as it presents several reasons that may
make your messages be confused with spam.


Manuel Lemos

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