Why don't you use linux solutions like RedHat Directory Server or Mandriva Directory Server instead? (LDAP based too) These solutions are scalable, free & fully documented on the web, not like this shitty MS AD (but is there a non-shitty MS product :p)

This is also much more easier to debugg... (linux...)

Devendra Jadhav wrote:
Hi All,

I am new to LDAP.
I want to create user on AD(Active Directory)
I have written script to do same, but I am getting "Operations error"
even I am successfully connected to AD and bounded with correct username,
Also where will I get all attributes with its meanign... which attributes
are compulsory... different types of objects like users, groups,
organizational units and their attributes ...
where will i get all this information?

Help appreciated.
Thank you.

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