At 12:18 PM -0400 10/6/09, John Nichel wrote:
Howdy guys and girls.  Been a long time since I've been in these parts.
My php is rusty these days, so please bare with me.  I'm trying to
create a dynamic, multidimensional array, and keep track of which level
I'm on, opening and closing levels as needed.  Lets say that I have some
data like the below:

Hi John:

Not that it matters, but I remember you. You left the list a couple of years ago. But only after you publicly stated that you added me to your kill file because I asked a question in a manner that you didn't approve. Well, I hope those days are past -- we're usually bit more understanding and less confrontational on this list now. The idea here is to help -- so, welcome to the list.

What you are asking is much like parsing an xml file. I don't know where you're getting your data, you didn't say other than you mentioned "tags", but you might find this of help:

and more specifically:

That seems to mimic what you are trying to do.

As far as keeping track of what level you're on, there are several Parser functions to explore such as byte_index, line_number, and column_number. Perhaps those will help.



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