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> Subject: [PHP] Spry, XML, PHP and XSLT Hell
> Okey Doke,
> I'll try and be brief,
> Well, my client agreed to a small online store that would hold the same stock 
> items where only the quantities would differ, we agreed that, due to 
> infrequent 
> changes, I would make pages for any new items, and she would control stock 
> etc 
> using an e-shopping package I bought.
> The site also has a page of Returned items, this takes the form of a Spry 
> list, 
> which uses an XML  list of clothing and their properties.
> It all worked great.

If my memory serves, you're using PHP to generate the XML for Spry list using 
data from DB backend?  Or is your data in XML file(s) and not DB?

> Yesterday my client said she wanted the ability to add, remove, edit new 
> products by herself,  eek!
> I thought about implementing another list similar to the returned items page, 
> but I learned that XML will turn HTML elements like < and > into < and >

You could add a unique URL (based on product ID) of each product ID to row in 
the list.  The link would point to another page where your client can 
add/update the data.  Or if you really want to do AJAX way, clicking the link 
would show a hidden <div> for add/update depending on what link is clicked.  
Doing via AJAX means you'll have to add some javascript code of your own to 
tell Spry to refresh the data for the list and refresh the display results.

> Then someone on this wonderful mailing list mentioned that HTML can be stored 
> in 
> XML using XSLT.
> I suppose my question is, to what extend can XSLT decorate and display an XML 
> file, can I add style sheets and rollovers, can I control the cacheing so 
> that 
> users wont need to empty their cache to see changed results ? Does it all 
> work 
> fine with PHP when I "include" it in a file ?

FYI, caching is messy when you may have concurrent users adding/updating the 


> Sorry if this is a bit weird, but I'm bricking myself with this one, and I 
> would 
> just like to hear some voices from people who have been there and bought the 
> t 
> shirt,
> Cheers folks!
> Matt.
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