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Sorry all,
It's ok. The sintax:

<?php echo (isset($erros['anexo']) ? '<div
class="mensagemErro">'.$erros['anexo'].'</div>' :''); ?>

Was right all the time.

Anyway, I've learn something new: having a var with '' is not the same thing as not been unset. So we must pay attention on what cases we use isset, or

Thanks a lot,

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<?= (isset($erros['anexo']) ? '<div
class="mensagemErro">'.$erros['anexo'].'</div>' :''); ?>

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Hello all,

I'm trying to display a div, only when some php value is set.
Since this will be near html, I'd like to keep it on one line. So, I'd
to use shortcuts and a ternary operator for the effect.

I'm having something like this right now, but the div still appears
even if
the error is NOT set.

<?= (isset($erros['anexo'])) ? '<div class="mensagemErro">'
.$erros['anexo'].'</div>' :''; ?>


Can I have your help with the right syntax ?

Another one to consider...

strlen ($item) > 0 ? 'not empty' : 'empty';

Because "empty()" will return true if 0 is the value, sometimes you have to check for the length of the item.


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