I am trying to make my URLs more search engine friendly and I have come up against a problem.

I want the following URL: Story

to be proxied to

I have the following rule in my Apache conf

    RewriteRule ^/articles/(.*) index.php?m=articles&t=$1 [P,L]

Now if I run with this configuration, PHP strips the query string back at the space, so my query string ends up looking like

        [QUERY_STRING] =>  m=articles&t=Test

even though the log file for the rewrite shows that the full query is being 

But if I change the RewriteRule to be a Rewrite instead of a Proxy I get

        [QUERY_STRING] =>  m=articles&t=Test%20Story

So something is happening when the system is proxying the request.
Adding %20 into the URL does not fix the problem when proxy is enabled either.

I have search around on the Internet, and people talk about using urlencode 
etc, this is fine when
PHP is creating the URL but not when Apache is doing the rewrite.

I apologise if people feel this is on the wrong list, but as far as I can tell 
from the rewrite logs the data is coming all
the way through to PHP which is truncating it.  This is purely my observation.

Apache version: 2.2.11
PHP Version:    5.3.0

Any help is gratefully recieved.

Thanks, Russell

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