On 8/10/2009 5:18 PM, Mert Oztekin wrote:
Hi Paul,

As I agree some of your thoughts, I want to add my opinion also.
Yes the code should work. That is why we earn Money. If it doesnt work, then we are on 
fire. But things like OOP or MVC weren't invented for a better running code. They are 
invented so the codes will going to be much more clean, readable, reusable, maintainable. 
"Running codes" is not enough.

Eric asked about how his MVC structure looks. And we are trying to help what we know 
about MVC. He didn't asked if the code is fine for running. So giving an answer "The 
real key is, does it work, and can it be maintained" is not enough and not really 
helpful to him on MVC concept. If you need just a running and maintainable project, you 
don't need to use MVC (MVC is not all about that). We are not criticizing his code(the 
code is really fine(except injection problem :-) ) and very readable)


As Martin said, All the business logic should be in Model. Controller should not tell a 
model "Save it to this database, select it from this table, use this 
db_adapter" etc. A controller is like a maestro of the system. It askes the model to 
play piano loud. But it wont say which key of piano, the model should touch.

I suggest you to read this online book about Zend Framework and MVC. Its really 
really very helpful to understand the concept. Also example codes are very 
clean and good.

Take Care,

(sorry for my english)

Thanks for the link, it looks like an interesting read. Hopefully it will help me understand MVC better and hence allow me to improve my code design.

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