I feel like a total newb asking this, but I'm just having a brain fart or

I'm writing a page where I can either get back a list of items:

        Array {
          [1233] => "apple",
          [6342] => "apricot",
          [2345] => "banana",

where the user then refines it by choosing one single item and a single
element array is returned like this:

        Array {
          [8575] => "peach",

How can I get this $item so I can print it like so:

        echo "The ID is $id and the name is $name";

Normally with an array of items, I do a:

        foreach ($item as $id => $name) echo...

But that seems overkill for this scenario.

The rub is that I don't know the "id", so I can't use $item[0], and I also
don't have something like $item['name'] to use either.

There's got to be an easy way to extract those.  

        list($id, $name) = $operator;

Felt like it would work for a minute (wishful thinking).

(I'm too embarrased to even sign my name on this one)

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