Dear all, it's done.

Can I call your help for the remain issues please, I'm sure they are easy to
explain, and at some extend, common:

Instead of saving to the database, if I do a print_r or a var_dump, I get
the charsets quite ok.
However, they do not appear properly in the xls file.

I've tried to use utf8_encode but I was not sure where to apply it, and I
end up with the same strange chars on the .xls file.

If I write a <meta tag containing charset information on the script that
generates the file, I get headers already send message.

I've tried to add Content-type: application/x-msdownload; *charset=UTF-8;*
but no success either...

Would a proper use of utf8_encode solve this? If so, where?

Thanks in advance,

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