You are replacing 1 or more matchs of a new line. To match 2 or more you can 
use "{2,}". It's a range, first number means min matches, second max matches. 
Omitting last number means no max limit.

$data[txt] = preg_replace('`[\r\n]{2,}`',"\n",$data[txt]);

De: Merlin Morgenstern <>
Enviado: miƩ,14 octubre, 2009 12:17
Asunto: [PHP] regex for multiple line breakes

Hi there,

I am trying to remove multiple linebreakes from a textarea input. Spammers tend 
to insert multiple line breakes. The problem is, that I want to allow 2 line 
breaks so basic formating should be allowed.

I am doing this by regex:
$data[txt] = preg_replace('`[\r\n]+`',"\n",$data[txt]);

I would need a regex that allows \r\n\r\n, but not more than this.

Thank you for any help,


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