2009/10/16 bruce <bedoug...@earthlink.net>:

> I've got a situation where I have a couple of tables. The relationship
> between the tables is one of parent/child. I'm trying to figure out the best
> approach to being able to delete the associated children in the child tbls,
> of a given parentID in the parentTBL...
> I've checked into various sites/articles on the 'net.. but i'm not sure how
> best to accomplish this...
> I'm using php as the interface language to the test tbls..
> Any pointers/articles/test code (code/schema) would be helpful...

This is a DB question not a PHP question, plus you haven't told us
what database and table type you're using.

However, you can either delete the relationship yourself (using PHP
code), write a trigger to do it semi-manually, or set your database up
properly with a foreign key constraint.

Assuming you're using MySQL and your table type supports foreign keys,
see http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/innodb-foreign-key-constraints.html

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