on 10/17/2009 02:41 AM Brian Hazelton said the following:
> I am in charge of an email newsletter list and making sure it gets sent
> out in time. My problem is I have never done broadcast emailing and
> right now we have 400 subscribers but want to build a system that can
> scale well regardless of the number of subscribers. Right now I use
> mysql to store the email and use phpmailer in a loop to send an email to
> each of the emails in the db, it is already slow with just 400(takes
> around 10 min (i think that's slow isnt it?). Has anyone built a
> broadcast email script and willing to help me?

I use the MIME message mailer class which has optimizations specifically
for sending messages to many recipients. Take a look at the
test_personalized_bulk_mail.php example script.

Also keep in mind that for sending many messages, queueing messages in
an SMTP server is the slowest method of all. Read this article for more



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