How do I put my password into an external file?

I have dozens of webpages with the line

    mysql_connect (localhost, username, password);

What if I have to change my password?  Rather then change dozens of scripts,
I want to put this line into an external file and call it with "include".

The problem is security.  If I make the file a class, then the file
extension must be .inc.  Anyone can type in the URL and see the contents of
the file.

I've tried these solutions, without success:

Changing the permission to "everyone-execute" and "owner-read" doesn't work,
apparently because a .inc file is read, not executed.

Using the .php file extension (instead of .inc) executes the script when the
URL is accessed.  The user sees nothing, if the file contains no HTML.  But
class only works with the .inc extension.  Using "include" without making a
class treats the file as HTML and it doesn't execute.
Thomas David Kehoe, author of
How Our Brains Are Hardwired For Relationships

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