Talawa wrote on 2009-10-19 18:29:
Hello everyone,

I post a message here because i didn't find any solution yet.
I just finished video streaming service on my website. I use xmoov script 
(http://xmoov.com/xmoov-php/) to do that. It works like a charm, but I find an 
issue. When the video is buffering into the flash player, all others requests 
are pending until the video is loaded.

I discovered in my search that fopen() function could block php process.

Does someone know this problem ?

I've had a similar problem with zip downloads (which also use fopen), I supect either the headers, a caching problem or latin1/utf-8

What does your headers look like? (firefox has a lovely plugin "live http headers")

Which character encoding do you use?

Show us code bit from fopen to fclose

Kim Emax

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