> No, and you clearly missed the point about that function being pretty much 
> dead anyway.

I understand that mysql_escape_string() is depreciated. Asking about
other similar functions does not seem out of line.

> You mentioned also in your last email that you would make a DB connection if 
> none existed. That should be very easy
> if you read the page on mysql_real_escape_string()
> If says:
> Returns the escaped string, or FALSE on error.
> So all you have to do, is have warnings turned off (as it generates an 
> E_WARNING if you have no active connection) and then look at the return value 
> of a call to the function:
> if(mysql_real_escape_string($variable) === false)
> {
>     // create a default DB connection
> }

Here, the key seems to be to turn the warning level down, which I do
not have privileges to do on this server. But it fact this seems to be
the key that I was missing, and even though I cannot make use of it at
least I know in general what needs to be done.


Dotan Cohen


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