On Oct 19, 2009, at 4:21 PM, Floyd Resler wrote:

Nope. I've never had any troubles with it. I've been able to produce all kinds of PDFs including loan agreements, inventory pick lists with barcodes, and various others. I find it incredibly powerful and easy to use.

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Sorry if this is slightly OT.

I've been messing around with ezPdf for a little bit and it doesn't appear to be able to allow for custom background colors or borders on a per-row basis. Meaning, I have the option to color every other line a single color... but I can't color every line a different color if I want. Am I missing something here?

Basically, with the reports I'm currently generating, every row could be a different color than the previous - it depends on various factors. This is easy to accomplish with HTML/CSS. If this isn't possible (or at least easily-accomplishable), then ezPdf may not be for me.


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