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> At 9:42 AM +0200 10/21/09, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> >  > Open paren. Dollar-sign "item" de-ref getServiceID 
> method. Question mark.
> >>  Dollar-sign "item" de-ref getServiceID method again. Colon.
> >>  Dollar-sign "item" de-ref getID method. Close up matching 
> parenthesis.
> >>
> >  > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reference_%28computer_science%29
> >>
> >
> >Thanks. The word Reference was what was missing, as was the 
> term "de-ref".
> Read a bit further down in the above link, namely the php 
> link, which is:
> http://www.php.net/manual/en/language.variables.variable.php
> Using the term "de-ref is not complete and could be misleading -- 
> dereferencing a variable in php is simply $$var and not ->var.
> The "arrow operator" ($a->$b) dereferences the element to its left 
> and accesses the member to it's right. If you want an example in C it 
> would be (*a).b
> While I was not able to find the "official" name for the operator, 
> but it could be called an "dereference access operator" or the "field 
> access operator".

Well, if I were talking to a fellow PHPriend, I probalby wouldn't even use
the word "de-ref" as I would assume that they would know (some basics in
that) if I say, " 'item's getServiceID method " that 'item' is an object and
therefore must be prefixed with a dollar sign ($) and that to make a
'getServiceID' method, it requires the -> arrow as well as the ending

But I think for the OP's purposes, he could simply DEFINE any word he wanted
at the beginning of the conversation: "Listen up duder. When I say 'de-ref'
you make hyphen and a greater-than sign. Capiche?". He could just as easily
say, "Listen up duder. When I say 'arrow-thingy' you make hyphen and a
greater-than sign. Capiche?"  Problem solved. ;-)

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